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The best place to start is with the beginning of Bear Quest.

It’ll be self-explanatory once you see it, but Bear Quest follows the 8-bit adventures of a killer bear (who happens to be one-eyed and blue) through an absurd video game. Down below, you’ve got the game. Up top is “What’s Really Happening.” Or, what this seemingly innocent game would be like if it were rendered more realistically. You’ll get the hang of it quickly I’m sure. Here’s the first page:

Bear Quest 2 - 001

Oh yeah, these Save Game and Load Game buttons (above) are totally useful. Press Save Game to bookmark your progress (it makes a cookie). Then, when you press Load Game it’ll take you right back to your saved page! This will work anywhere.

Awesomely, I have more books on this site!

The Miner and The Cave That Ate Time is an epic cartoony adventure and the most, uh, complete story-kinda-story I’ve done.

The Miner and the Cave That Ate Time

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